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The Reel Group Consortium has partnered to build, from the ground up, a platform and ecosystem that will revolutionise how artists, creators and fans will engage, collaborate and jointly benefit.

A single 'everything' app designed on a positive, private and secure platform, where artists, creators and fans can engage in an intuitive, easy and seamless fashion.

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ReelToken (REELT) is a decentralised blockchain token with smart contract functionality

REELT is on a multi-blockchain infrastructure. It uses the POLYGON (MATIC) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains providing additional blockchain redundancy and arbitrage options. This allows individuals with ReelToken to efficiently, cost effectively, safely and securely hold REELT, exchange them for either Fiat (e.g., USD, INR, EUR) or other Cryptocurrencies (e.g., BTC, ETH, XRP), and use REELT for discounted goods and services within the App.

3 Key Features

Reel Crypto’s Platform Advantages

Checks & Balances

The safety and security of ReelToken (REELT) is warranted by the Reel Crypto governance token and its advanced consensus, governance and control mechanisms which ensure the stability of the ReelToken ecosystem. These mechanisms allow us to be able to mitigate the most significant security issues which have been identified, to date, in decentralised consensus mechanisms and by cyber security reports.

Trust & Accountability

We recognise that trust is a a many-to-many relationship with all participants having a key role.

Our responsibility and commitment is to provide a platform that is always safe, and secure and which maximises the experience and benefits for all parties.

Multi-Blockchain Platform

ReelToken has a multiple blockchain infrastructure that enables both cost efficiencies and redundancies. This enables the ReelToken ecosystem to function optimally even if one of the blockchains has congestion or performance issues.

Ultra Fast & Secure

Blockchain technologies are changing rapidly. Our multi-blockchain infrastructure is easily extensible to add future or existing blockchain to ensure that speed, reliability and security are at the highest levels.

Highly Scalable

Our multi-blockchain infrastructure and technology stack was designed and stress-tested to both ensure our ability to handle large traffic volumes as well as maintain the best customer experience.

Reliable & Cost Conscious

We are very aware that users require and expect both reliability and cost-effectiveness. Our multi-blockchain infrastructure and technology stack enables us to maintain reliability and cost efficiencies by seamlessly acting in the background to ensure that changes that impact pricing and/or performance across different blockchain platforms are leveraged in real-time for our users' benefit.

Safe & Secure

As the blockchain technology provider for the payment platform, we understand safety and security are as paramount to their users as they are to us. We have implemented the current leading-edge standards in and across protocols, encryption and security.

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