ReelToken is the bridge between the real present and the digital future.

ReelToken will be the passport of choice to the infinite possibilities of the Reel Metaverse/Omniverse. One where you have the limitless potential to create, experience and benefit.

REELT is on a multi-blockchain infrastructure. It uses the POLYGON (MATIC) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains providing additional blockchain redundancy and arbitrage options. This allows individuals with ReelToken to efficiently, cost effectively, safely and securely hold REELT, exchange them for either Fiat (e.g., USD, INR, EUR) or other Cryptocurrencies (e.g., BTC, ETH, XRP), and use REELT for discounted goods and services within the Reel Star App.

Our Vision

To enable a global, interconnected community of creators and engagers, with equal access and opportunity for everyone, by sustainably leveraging Web3 and future technologies to enhance creativity and connection for the benefit of all.

Our Mission

To seamlessly blend technology, creativity and human connection into a sustainable digital ecosystem, open to all, which explores the limits of experiences and drives real world benefits for everyone.

Advisory Board

Aviraj Pratap


Nikita Sachdev


Bryan Ross

@ bryanrosswins

Yousef Al Alami


Our Team

Navdeep Sharma & Nick Bahl

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Andrzej M

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Kiran Deshmukh

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Mark Hauptman

CRO (Chief Revenue Officer)
Jaspreet Manku

CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)
Ojas Deshmukh

COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Hardeep Singh

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Shammi Batra

GM (General Manager)
Shubham Goyal

Asia Head
MARC Robinson

Coming Soon...